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Using the available knowledge for prevention purposes

As head of the scientific research work, department of human toxicology, I became increasingly aware of the extreme importance of this receptor after more than two and a half years.

In my opinion a logic approach requires the major focus to be put on prevention - in addition to an understanding of the development of civilization diseases and their treatment - if we are really interested in the further existence of our species.

In the era of the internet, the assertion that the aryl hydrocarbon receptor is most probably the most researched object in the history of medicine can be checked by everyone at any time with help of a simple search.

The links are listed below, arranged by subject area, and provide a small but extremely impressing insight into the actual significance of this receptor.

In light of this fact it is no wonder that every pharmaceutical company, every university with a chair of medicine situated on this planet is involved in the conduction of research and development activities based on this signalling pathway. Nor is a surprise that - on closer inspection - almost each and every Nobel prize in medicine has involved a direct or indirect relationship with the Ah receptor signalling pathway in recent years. No object on this planet has presented a direct or indirect dissertation subject that was chosen as often as this one.

The omission to use this knowledge for the purpose of prevention presents a crime against almost every species on this planet.

If we consider our future to be important for us, hazardous substances capable of activating this receptor must be subject to rigorous control prior to being released for trade.